Modern Chandeliers

The Beginners Guide to Modern Chandeliers

Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing a Modern Chandelier

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A chandelier can be a great focal point in a room and really add to the décor. Traditional chandeliers do have their charm, but the newer modern chandeliers are gaining great popularity. Contemporary chandeliers are sleek, yet affordable.

Modern Chandeliers

In the past, use of chandeliers was fairly limited, because of their style and cost. Usually they were only installed in the entrance of your home and the dining room. However new and innovative chandelier designs have opened up their application throughout the entire home. A chandelier can be a wonderful addition to practically any room in your home.

How to choose Modern Chandeliers:

Getting the Right Chandelier Size

There are many factors you should consider when shopping for modern chandeliers. Here is a general rule of thumb when deciding on a suitable size for your chandelier.

Measure the length and width of the room, in feet. Add these two numbers together. The sum of the numbers is how many inches the width of your chandeliers should be.

If the chandelier will be hanging above a table, then purchase one that is around half the width of the table. Also take into consideration the height of the room and adjust the position of the chandelier as required. The most important rule to remember is to keep things in proportion. Avoid a chandelier that will look too big or small, for the room in question.

Foyer or Entrance Hall Chandelier

Make a good first impression whenever someone steps into your home, by installing a modern chandelier in the entrance hall. This creates a great talking point and makes you home look warm and welcoming.

Dining Room Chandelier

Anyone who regularly entertains guests will really appreciate having a modern dining room chandelier. We all want to show our home in the best possible light to our guests, and a modern chandelier can do that (both figuratively and literally). Think about the style and color scheme of the room and furniture, so you can pick out a chandelier that fits in well.

Chandeliers for All Rooms

Many people appreciate the look and aesthetics of chandeliers. So why not include a chandelier in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. As long as you have the space, you can improve the look of your rooms.

Don’t just fit your rooms with some boring standalone light bulbs. Contemporary chandeliers can be found at a variety of price points and styles, to fit everyone’s budget and taste. Brighten up your home in style, with some modern chandeliers.

Get the best price of Modern Chandeliers